Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rye and Winchelsea

A lovely sunny Autumn day in Rye and Winchelsea today:

Saturday, October 17, 2015


I bought this Harris tweed selvedge on a roll (it's scrap product from the tweed makers):-

 I had visualised how it would look on the loom but I knew there wouldn't be enough to make a scarf (and it would be a bit scratchy) so I added some chunky and soft grey yarn to make about two thirds of the scarf:-
 Then I added a button to make an asymmetrical cowl sort of thing!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

A different kind of post

I started this several times, using a commercial pattern, then making mistakes, then deciding it didn't work with variegated yarn. In the end I came up with 'my first knitting pattern'! I haven't finished it yet - still only done about 30cm!

Light and lacy autumn scarf

Very simple to make even for a beginner; doesn’t need much concentration!

4mm straight knitting needles, 100g of lace weight, sock weight or 4 ply should be enough for a scarf.

Cast on: cast on a multiple of 5 plus 4 – I used 44 for a scarf width.

[Ten rows garter stitch.

Pattern row 1: sl1, (k2, yo, sl1, k2tog, psso, yo) x however many your multiple of 5 was, so for me this was 8, then k3

Pattern row 2: sl1, k to end

Pattern 1

Pattern 2

Pattern 1

Pattern 2] repeat these 16 rows until scarf is almost desired length, then do 10 more rows garter stitch and cast off.


Variations could be more or less garter stitch, more or less repeats of pattern rows, change size to make a headband, belt etc.

Vary the look by using plain or variegated yarn. You could embellish with a crochet edging or fringe at ends.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Trains, buses and boats

Well, a long time since I posted!

Yesterday was world wide knitting in public day and this weekend was the London Squares weekend (not for square people necessarily, but lots of private gardens opened up). I've been visiting various sections of these 200+ gardens for a few years now and this weekend it was the turn of (Saturday) Hammersmith and Fulham, plus a little Earls Court area and (Sunday) Docklands. I decide to tie it in with a little crochet ....

This was the first little bit, started on the train.
Saturday saw 12 rounds of crochet, 10 hours traveling or looking at gardens, 8 gardens visited, 5 buses, 3 tube trains and 2 mainline trains - followed by one cold beer! This was partly because of engineering works on London Underground which meant I started further North tha intended - in Shepherd's Bush. I thought a coffee would be a good start so ventured into the Westfield Shopping Centre - narrow escape - I almost got lost in there!
It was still a bit cloudy at that point so this picture of the lovely green wall alongside the centre isn't a good depiction of how lovely it is.


From here I walked to White City, which, sadly, was the opposite direction from the way I should have gone! So back around to Shepherd's Bush market (with the Only Fools and Horses song in my head - not for any bad reason about the market just because of word association!). Amazing use of the arches there and all the colours of the fruit and veg and fabrics etc.
Thence to Ravenscourt Park where I looked at the walled garden, and a snack in the café and did some crochet.


 Next a bus to Putney and a walk round the vicarage gardens, Fulham Palace and the allotments (400 of them!) next door .... and a great cuppa and more crochet.

Then it was a bus to Earls Court and three gorgeous gardens there - including the bonus of a jazz band in one! And more tea and crochet.

A one hour bus ride took me back to Victoria station. had a lovely chat with a young lad (about 9?) and his Mum about my crochet - I'd like to think that I've inspired the next Kaffe Fassett!
Sunday was a totally different day! The Brunel museum, two gorgeous community gardens in Whitechapel and the grand finale: floating gardens on the Thames near Tower Bridge!

and the final crochet finished off on the train home:
- maybe enough for a cushion cover keepsake of the weekend.
How blessed to have this wonderful world around us, friends to share it with, brief acquaintances, tea and cake, and ..... crochet!
Not to mention brilliant public transport.