Saturday, September 25, 2010

reflections on synchronicity

I've posted to my other blogs about synchronous and asynchronous study/learning programmes. My study and other aspects of life recently have made me think about the wider issues of synchronicity. Sorry if I seem to be going all 'alternative' on you, it's just me reflecting on what I need to learn from life, as opposed to from 'books' (which includes online learning!). And yes, many people would describe me (kindly) as eccentric.

I think it has been the time factor on Twitter and other online forums that has started me thinking about all of this. Have you ever had that thing where a song is in your head and you turn on the radio and there it is? Similarly, I might be thinking about an issue and up pops something on Twitter - not surprising is it, given that the people I follow are likley to be thinking about similar issues to me ( education, research, leadership, etc.). They also share similar interests such as Mathematics, films, music, so, yet again it's not that surprising. Occasionally, I have even found that I am suffering from insomnia at the same time as someone else and there we both are on Twitter. Of course, the other beauty is that we can carry on conversations aynchronously as well.

With study forums, I have found that I can cope with asynchronicity but in real life I find it more difficult. Why is it that sometimes we seem to 'just miss' an event, person, relationship (of various kinds)? I have always thought that time is not linear but much more fluid in nature and really does move at different speeds from time to time - a bit like the movement in the corner of your eye in your mirror reflection. I am starting to think that there may actually be several strands of this fluid time (not the 'real time' we all measure to keep the world sane and ordered). Sometimes the strands float close to each other but do not coincide. I am not at all sure what guides these coincidences, maybe they are completely random, maybe they are predetermined. Perhaps we can affect them, perhaps not.

I'll continue to ponder this ...... while I do the household chores :-)