Sunday, January 30, 2011


30th January and the primroses and snowdrops are pushing through in the garden - hurrah!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

retail therapy

I had my first  free Saturday for ages today so felt I really should go for a trip out somewhere. But the weather wasn't all that nice so I just took myself to a big out of town shopping centre instead (Bluewater if you're in the Kent area, you'll know of it).

Fancied a nice lunch but everywhere had queues and I had to be back home by 4ish so I just had a burger in the end - and I enjoyed it so there.

A little retail therapy included some nice denim blue nail varnish and some costume jewellry.

Happy, simple pleasures.

Here are the 'jewels' back home on my kitchen table.

Saturday Saturday

The first weekend for a goodly while that I haven't either been feeling under the weather and/or had a ton of chores and work to do. My dear son did all the laundry because he was home yesterday and I just have a small amount of marking to do (some GCSE stuff and 1 long paper from a new student to grade).

So it feels nice but a little strange at the same time. Perhaps a trip out somewhere is in order.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

How is 2011 going?

Haven't posted here since New Year though have done so on Janshs blog.

Been mainly thinking about work, I suppose. Having said that, been having some smashing times with family lately - watching DVDs of a Friday and Saturday eve with son and his new fiancee.

Some days this year have been very good. Some have been reflective (also good, in a different way).

How has your start to 2011 been?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Happy New Year

As usual, we have had many guests staying and visiting over the holiday season. The last have just left. I love having folks round, a lot of laughing and a good deal of 'putting the world to rights'.

Now just one and a half days and then back to work and routine.

What resolutions shall I have this year? To live with intention I think; to have good intentions for both myself and others. Perhaps to break out of that routine sometimes and do things I've been meaning to get around to?

Happy New Year one and all! New beginnings, new hopes, new faith.