Thursday, April 28, 2011

a long day

Today feels like it's lasted about 48 hours though I cannot say why. Crossed quite a lot off my to do list, managed to see my best friend for a cuppa on the way home and now feet up. It's just been one of those days when so much seems to have happened that I cannot remember it all.

I'd like a walk or a sit in the garden - maybe in a little while.

oh and a rather touching moment when an ex-student ran after to me to say hello in the street - was nice

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pimms ....

Well it's not quite Pimms time here but I am growing the cucumbers and strawberries ...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Time Travel

Bit of a mixed up day. Bit of marking followed by taking Mother-in-Law out to a lovely spot (Chiddingstone Castle) and I forgot the camera. Home and cooking a roast dinner then sitting out back w/ son and his OH followed by looking at wedding pics from a Very Long Time Ago.

Might watch Dr Who on i player before bedtime. Haha more time travel ....

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Nice day getting various jobs done today in and outside the house - strangely putting off doing more "important" stuff though ... oh dear

Saturday, April 16, 2011

new polytunnels

I used to have a polytunnel but the cover fell through eventually a couple of years ago and I replaced it with a polycarbonate greenhouse but it was never right and it suffered badly in the snows over the last two years. I had kept the old frame and bought a new one so now I have two lovely polytunnels. Planted one up today - there is stuff in there  - as well as the kiwi that I built it around - honestly, they're just a bit small at the moment!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Just back from trip to Greece. I find it hard to understand how I have never gotten around to this trip before! I love the airports and the flight - great for people watching: from the teenager with the Edward Carlisle hairdo to the erstwhile gap year turned yuppies turned yummy mummies and daddies, the 'lads', the beautiful people - and us!

After some exploratory tourism (see feet wrapped in cold flannels above),  I sat on the balcony seven floors up and watched the sky along the horizon turn from pink to lilac to smoky inky blue as the swallows darted amongst the ruins of the temple of Zeus. I could not help but think of the poem ... "I am Ozymandias,King of Kings, look on my works, ye mighty, and despair" ... on the other hand, 2500 years is not a bad legacy.

As a Saxon-Celt, it seems strange to think of the academe that existed here two and a half millenia ago. Amazing how different societies and civilizations develop and then co-exist.

The next day and it was off to the Parthenon, with all of its associated temples and theatres on or near the Acropolis. Thence to the Agora, Hadrian's Library and the Roman Forum. Even in the current state of disrepair/attempted 'halt and repair', these buildings are awe inspiring and astonishing. What will be here in another 2500 years' time? If we could come back (H. G.Wells style) would we see Morlocks and Eloi co-exist? I have never wanted to live forever but confess to a sneaking desire to see.

Day three saw me atop the other big hill with monastery on top - sadly adorned now with aerials and graffiti.

 We also visited the site of the first modern Olympics - sets the hairs up on the back of your neck.

And on day four it was time to come home, after a quick visit to the amazing Acropolis Museum (the new one).

This city never sleeps (though it seems all the dogs do).  All night, the trams, cars, horns keep going. Wonderful really.

I can see why people come here and stay. I leave a little part of my heart high on a hill in Athens.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the newts are back

The newts are back in the pond but are too quick for me to photograph so you got a few flowers instead - all in the garden on an early summer's eve

A few flower pictures from the garden - honesty, forget me nots, cowslips and marsh marigolds

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Invaluable in a shipwreck

Came across this great quotation in a presentation today, perhaps you've come across it before. "Acceptable at a dance and invaluable at a shipwreck"JF Roxburgh, the first Headmaster of Stowe (when asked by a visiting parent in the 1920s to describe the type of young person he wanted the school to produce).

Got the above from here

I love it! Isn't that actually what we'd like to believe about ourselves and thus for anyone who we coach/mentor/teach?

I'd like to think I can cope in a crisis - though I don't always. I try hard to have the manners and mannerisms that help me get by with a variety of people - ditto.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

hellebores and other stuff

I love hellebores, this clump gets more magnificent each year, but they do hang down so you need to stoop to get their individual splendour.

I also planted up some mint - including one that tastes of chocolate and mint ...

and then it was time for a cuppa and a read of a magazine and a garden equipment catalogue

love being able to get outside - I even cut the grass!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

seaside 2011 begins ...

Went off to Brighton today
needless to say the sun went in for a little while when I got the camera out!

Still (despite being very busy and trouble parking - not to mention the cost!) I had a nice time. Sat right on the beach front and had some lovely grilled sardines with bread and butter and a coffee. Was reading Major Pettigrew's Last Stand and may have laughed out loud a couple of times - got a few 'looks' - oops!

Listened to Jason Mraz on way home in the car e.g.

Might cut the grass tomorrow .....