Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hold Your Beliefs Lightly (G Perry)

Still continuing with the theme of learning at the moment. I should post every day because there certainly is something every day but I can't keep up with scribbling it all down.

It was a grey day but I love to see the Thames as liquid steel.

So, today I went to the British Museum and we went round the Africa exhibits - excellent, especially the textiles, and I loved the 'cloth' made from metal bottle collars - the Grayson Perry exhibition (see below), Ancient Rome and Egypt - all in 4 hours! The ancient exhibits always make me think of Ozymandias.

There were two written comments in the Grayson Perry exhibition that really made me stop and think:

“The “journey” has become a tired metaphor of reality TV describing a transformative experience. I come on a journey every time I visit the British Museum. I enjoy idealised foreign travel in my head. Walking from my house in WC1 within 20 minutes I can have an encounter with the world.”


“We have always had images at gateways to warn and protect. Cathedrals had carvings over the doors showing the Last Judgement and the damned going to hell – now we have CCTV to dissuade us from misbehaving. Some images are there to accompany us into different states, drunkenness, sleep or death."

Why did these two especially have meaning for me I wonder? The first because, I suppose, I love to people watch and to ponder the lives behind the people I see every day - the postman bringing letters from long lost friends, the train guard whose humanity shone through his fit of the giggles on the loudspeaker, the lovers oblivious to all but each other, the grandma and her ward for the day who are exchanging their knowledge of worlds old and new. The second because I remember my father telling me of Gog and Magog guarding the city of London, the images we carry through life to remind us of how others have taught us how to behave.

And, as a colleague said to me recently, I hope never to be deprived of my dreams.

More learning! Reflection and reflexivity - thinking about what has happened and what may yet happen
- and overall, Perry's comment: Hold Your Beliefs Lightly

Why? because our ideas change with new knowledge, often born of troubles and because we should never take ourselves too seriously!

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