Sunday, October 28, 2012

putting the garden to bed

I've been lax in the garden this year but it works away without me to some extent .... for example I've just emptied six compost bins and got ten barrow loads of good compost! Sadly one of the bins also disintegrated so that will go on the wood fire when it's all dry. Then I swept up the leaves and used the partially rotted stuff from the bins to get the five remaining bins all going again.This isn't really the way to compost according to the books - turn one bin into the next and so on - but it works for me. Pure alchemy! So now six beds are nicely mulched and the grass is all but free of leaves. There are some more waiting to come down though!

Lots of other garden jobs need doing but fours hours in the garden is as much as I can manage nowadays sadly and there's still the indoor chores to do for the weekend and a bit of prep for work tomorrow.

I saw this on Twitter and it made me think of my garden! RT 
Life is not a problem to be solved, nor a question to be answered. Life is a mystery to be experienced. ~ Alan Watts

The mystery of nature is one of the pure joys of my life. As I drove through the Kent countryside yesterday I once again marveled at its beauty in every season. 

So the garden is ready for the winter - well almost. And I am ready for a sit with the Sunday papers and a cuppa/

Monday, October 8, 2012

Berlin - wow!

Wow! I mean wow! Berlin! Just back from an amazing 48 hour visit. I wish I had not had to sleep, it was amazing: great people, fascinating history, wonderful culture - I wish I was still there. And I wish I spoke more German than excuse me, I don't understand, do you speak English?, hello, goodbye, thank you, please, yes, no, super

I guess my report would read: Jan must try harder!

We arrived late Friday at The Regent Hotel (gorgeous place, kind staff, good food) and enjoyed a great live band in their bar. Saturday was The Brandenburg Gate, The Reichstag and the Holocaust Memorial - the amazing history here and the way it is treated is a real tribute to everyone involved.

rain drops on one of the 2711 stellae

We got soaked in an amazing deluge near the Humboldt University and dashed back past the Gendarmenmarkt.

We finished the day with a brilliant basketball match between Berlin Alba and Dallas Mavericks and back to that bar!

Sunday was a trip to the Wall Museum (started when the wall was built rather than when it came down, and full of the amazing human stories of those days as well as the historical-political explanation), Check Point Charlie, and we also did a sightseeing bus trip which included an existing part of the wall. A lovely meal in Lutter and Wegner and then home.

Berlin, thank you.