Saturday, August 31, 2013

a tall tale

I was going to call it spinning a yarn .....

Anyway saw an item on pinterest about spinning fabric strips to make yarn and then found a tutorial on using a home made spindle to spin and put the two together thus:

fabric scraps I had

home made spindle from a chop stick and a door knob

ball of yarn

The yarn stayed twisted pretty well and crocheted up nicely but as I hadn't made much on my first try it wouldn't go far so I finger knitted it along with some sparkly yarn I had to make the necklace. I guess some people would weave the ends in but I rather like them.

two references

PS If this is not the correct etiquette for referencing other people's blogs, sorry but I didn't want to use the ideas without giving credit.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

sew there

Just been sewing today, bits and bobs of ideas to try out.

The bag made from an old notebook cover and some jeans material and the organiser for inside (complete with jeans pockets for small items) are prototypes based on ideas seen in various craft shops. Now I know how to make them the next ones will turn out better.

The picnic rug or bedspread is made from old jeans . I decided to leave the raw edges and frayed bits in. It's based on an idea from a Kaffe Fassett book - and also an idea in Mollie Mkes magazine -  but is nowhere near as good of course.

Sew there we are..

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

arts and crafts

just been pottering about today, bit of ironing bit of crafting etc.

T shirt-bottle-vase thingy

I don't know why it's lying on its side oh dear

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Far enough

I daresay I've told this story before but never mind; it's one of my favourites. When we had not long moved to Cornwall, in the early 60s, we were out for a drive/explore and my Dad asked a walker where the road led to. "Anywhere you like, if you keep going long enough," was the answer - and I suppose that's been the story of my life really.

I have not gone quite far enough yet!

I went home with my two best friends again this summer and it was quite a voyage of discovery! I met up with my old school sports captain (quite by chance) and also visited the Bernard Leach Pottery which was about three minutes walk from my old house and I'd never been in before! The lady at reception was charming and taught me to finger knit as well.

A few pictures follow: